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FEDMAP Project Summary

Understanding Geohydrologic Systems from Geologic Framework and History


To understand how geology influences ground-water availability, movement, and contamination in the western U.S.


This project is working to understand geohydrologic systems in the western United States in order to address societal issues that include: (1) balancing sustainability and increasing demand on water resources, (2) land subsidence from ground-water removal, (3) underground storage of imported water, (4) amelioration of past aquifer contamination, and (5) predicting future changes in natural ground-water recharge. Project members work with those in other NCGMP projects in the Pacific Northwest, San Francisco Bay, and Death Valley to characterize the geologic processes that control ground-water behavior in these regions.

Study Area:

California, Nevada, Oregon

Anticipated Uses:

Resources (Water)

Project Status:

Current NCGMP Funding

Project Duration:


Duration of NCGMP Funding:


Contact Information:

Project Chief: Victoria E. Langenheim (Western Earth Surface Processes Team)
Phone: 650-329-5313

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