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FEDMAP Project Summary

Central Colorado Assessment, CR MRT


To provide a comprehensive geologic information base in the central Colorado urban corridor for addressing the region's land-use issues.


In order to plan for responsible land use in the central Colorado urban corridor and large areas of Federal and private land in the Colorado Front Range, it is essential to understand the mineral and energy resources, geologic hazards, long-term effects of forest fires on erosion, effects of increased recreational land use, and quantity and quality of ground- and surface-water resources of the region. The comprehensive geoscience data and interpretations provided by this project will be used by federal, state, and local land management entities to make informed land-use decisions.

Study Area:


Anticipated Uses:

Hazards (Landslides), Resources (Aggregates), Resources (Water), Resources (Minerals), Hazards (Flooding)


Arapaho National Forest (CO), Colorado Geological Survey, Pike & San Isabel National Forests (CO), Roosevelt National Forest (CO), U.S. Bureau of Land Management, U.S. National Park Service

Project Status:

Current NCGMP Funding

Project Duration:


Duration of NCGMP Funding:


Contact Information:

Project Chief: Terry L. Klein (None)
Phone: 303-236-5605

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