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Integrated Geological, Geochemical, and Geophysical Studies of Big Bend National Park


To provide geologic knowledge of Big Bend National Park for solving its numerous land-use issues.


Big Bend National Park, the eighth largest National Park in the contiguous U.S., is faced with a broad variety of issues, including water supply, water and air contamination from mineral deposits and abandoned mines, and ecosystem preservation. At the request of the National Park Service, the USGS is producing new bedrock and surficial geologic maps of the park that will be used to meet its needs. This process also will result in a clearer understanding of past volcanic events in the park.

Study Area:


Anticipated Uses:

Ecosystem Issues, Resources (Water), Resources (Minerals)


U.S. National Park Service

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Current NCGMP Funding

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Project Chief: John E. Gray (None)
Phone: 303-236-2446

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